Departing Warriors Project
Bearing Witness to Their Final Deployment


About Us



The Departing Warriors Project is a foundation established by Karuna Institute  Karuna Institute is the charitable nonprofit established by Law Offices of Michael F. Roe in 2002 to support children’s charities and other related nonprofits.

The Departing Warriors Project is inspired by the efforts of the We Honor Veterans, a pioneering training and volunteer hospice program for Veterans. One goal is to develop further awareness and training, so that others in the legal, academic, and sports communities participate in bearign witness to the last days of our Veterans.

The goal of Departing Warriors Project is to increase the presence and population of Veterans Hospice programs.  The director ( an attorney and  MMA Judge) also seeks to engage members of the MMA community to train and participate, with the idea that fighters might make a difference being present with the last days of men and women who fought for our freedom and national safety.